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句子英文句子35句适合发短语的英文句子,正能量心灵鸡汤英文短语: 也许我们都没变,只是越来越接近真实的自己。Perhaps we didn&#;t change, just more and more close to the real you.有关正能量的心灵鸡汤英文句子带翻译短语短语及新词好句好句子请您赏析。



(一) 时间拎走一切,只留下空壳的回忆。Carry away all the time, leaving only empty shell memories.

(二) 人生是一场负重的奔跑,需要不停地在每一个岔路口做出选择。Life is a load of running, it is necessary to constantly in each choose a fork in the road.

(三) 非要经历一些无常,才能甘愿珍惜当下。Have to experience some uncertainty to willing to cherish the present.

(四) 也许我们都没变,只是越来越接近真实的自己。Perhaps we didn&#;t change, just more and more close to the real you.

(五) Stop thinking too much, it&#;s alright not to know all the answers. 别想太多,很多事情你不知道答案也没什么。

(六) 有些时候稍纵即逝便是永恒,也许在不经意的转角,会遇见春暖花开。Sometimes fleeting is eternal, perhaps in casual corner, will meet spring flowers.

(七) 当坚强成为你唯一的选择,你才知道自己可以有多坚强。As strong as your only option, you didn&#;t know I can have more strong.

(八) 习惯这个东西很可拍,特别是你不得不面对改变的时候。Used to the things are can be taken, especially when you have to face the change.

(九) 你需要忘记失去的,感激拥有的,和期待将至的。You need to forget what&#;s gone, appreciate what&#;s left, and look forward to what&#;s next.

(十) 孤单,是你心里面没有人。 寂寞,是你心里有人却不在身边。 No one is alone, is your heart. Lonely, is your heart someone but not around.

(十一) 快乐有很多种方式,但是孤单却总类似。There are many kinds of way to be happy, but lonely is always similar.

(十二) 我已经忘了当初的样子,连怀恋都没有证据。I have forgotten the original appearance, even there is no evidence to nostalgia.

(十三) 很多东西就像是指缝间的阳光,温暖,美好,却永远无法抓住。A lot of things like fingers sunshine, warm, beautiful, but never caught.

(十四) 我是你青春里的故事,你是我故事里回不去的曾经。You are my youth in the story, you are my story, don&#;t go back once.

(十五) 青春是一场无知的奔忙,总会留下颠沛流离的伤。Youth is a ignorant and moving, always leaves drift from place to place.

(十六) 风没有方向的吹来,雨也跟着悲伤起来,没有人能告诉我,爱是在什么时候悄悄走开。No direction the wind blows, the rain also follow sad, no one can tell me, when love is quietly go away.

(十七) 不要后悔做任何事情,因为曾经有个时候,那正是你想要的。Don&#;t regret anything, because there was a time, that&#;s exactly what you want.

(十八) 幸福不意味着凡事都完美,那只是因为你已经不再只看到缺憾了。Happiness does not mean that all things are perfect, that&#;s only because you no longer see only drawback.

(十九) 一条要走下去的路,都有它不得不那样选择的方向。Each want to go on the road, it has to choose the direction.


(二十) 景色越辽阔,心里越寂寞。View the vast, the more lonely in my heart.

(二十一) 命运待我,这等优渥。以至于岁月是否宽宏,已不足为念。Fate to me, such a lucrative. That time, whether the enlarged has been insufficient to read.

(二十二) 我就是太阳,无需凭借谁的的光I am the sun, who don&#;t need to rely on the light.

(二十三) 时光,就这样在我们回首追寻中,兜兜转转间,一去不返。Time, so in pursueing we look back, for a walk, never look back.

(二十四) 每个人,都有一个世界,安静而孤独的住着一些心事。Everyone, there is a world, quiet and lonely there lived some worry.

(二十五) 谁伤害过你,谁击溃过你,都不重要。重要的是谁让你重现笑容!Who hurt you, who defeated you, it doesn&#;t matter. Who is important to let you again smile

(二十六) 所有的回头是岸不过是让我们渐行渐远,我愿意为你沦陷述说自己如何心甘情愿。All is but let us at tapering off, I&#;d like to tell you how willingly himself fall.

(二十七) 真正的朋友会在整个世界都离你远去的时候,仍然守着你与你并肩。A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

(二十八) 很多时候,一个人的改变是从另一个人的到来或离去开始的。In many cases, a person&#;s change from another person&#;s arrival or departure.

(二十九) 时间送达不到的安慰,该带着心去找谁。Time served less than comfort, whom took the heart to turn to.

(三十) 能改的,叫做缺点;不能改的,叫做弱点。Can change, called the shortcomings; Can&#;t change, called the weakness.


(三十一) 别忘了答应自己要去的地方,无论有多难,有多远。Don&#;t forget promised to go to your place, no matter how hard it is, how far is it.

(三十二) 你何必向不值得的人证明什么,生活得更好,就是为你自己。Why should you to prove to people who do not worth anything, live better, is for yourself

(三十三) 那只是一段浅浅的过往,却不知觉地凝成了悲伤。It&#;s just a shallow, it is condensed into sorrow.

(三十四) 最好的爱情,让你不断完善自身,却不用丢了自己。The best love, let you improve their own, but don&#;t lost yourself.

(三十五) 当我们安静,也做出了决定,却无法再坚定。When we would be silent, but also to make a decision, and cannot be determined.

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